2 Poems

Quinn Flom



on planet earth
we’re eating poetry
water drips off the rocks
becomes bigger water
crashes into rocks
i pretend your words are about me
& they might be
i feel everything in my throat
like it was always meant to be there
like my vocal chords always meant
to make this sound
a small wolf howl
i fill my pockets with garden soil
under strawberry moonlight
i leave a poem behind your ear
my favourite one
i pull my body through the chainlink fence
& i’m still left with a body
on the other side


everything i love i love in a gay way

i wanna do gay stuff with u
like put our hands together
and talk about our rising signs
my hands are trans
i want to throw my body into the pits of
did u read that think piece about emotional labour
i could listen to u talk for hours
ur feelings fill me up
like i am feeling those things
revolving door of my heart
i’m in love with the way u come and go
we have so much time to start the day
let me tell u about the dream
where i swallowed all my teeth
i’m smiling all the time on the inside now
somewhere between soft and bone
the world feels so warm
my gay arms stretch across golden sky
hugging everything i love



quinn flom lives in toronto.
they're a fire sign but they won't tell you which one.