Healing Spells

Book Bundle




Receive all 5 new Metatron titles at a reduced price. The Healing Spells bundle includes all of our new 2018 releases:


     * Ambient Technology by Ashley Obscura (Poetry)
     * number one earth by jasper avery (Poetry)
     * Hum by Natalia Hero (Novella)
     * Static Flux by Natasha Young (Novel)
     * hotwheel by Aja Moore (Poetry)


Metatron’s ninth catalogue, Healing Spells, is their largest since 2014 and boasts five new titles by Canadian and American authors. This season offers three new poetry titles, one novella, and our first full-length novel by authors Ashley Obscura, Natasha Young, Natalia Hero, jasper avery and Aja Moore. It includes original cover artwork by Anjela Freyja, Louise Reimer, Marcela Huerta, Daniela Madrid and Thaila Khampo.


These 2018 Metatron releases are a collection of books that are apothecary for millennial malaise and late capitalism. Confronting how we belong or don’t belong in the world, how we hurt, and how we heal, Healing Spells asks: how can we cherish our interconnectedness to the world around us, even when it hurts us? The titles explore themes including mental illness, trauma, loss, and sexual assault, all working towards and looking for a path through and away from pain and towards joy.



Official release date | September 22
All pre-orders ship | September 22













Ambient Technology

by Ashley Obscura