Metatron Prize

for Rising Authors





With Guest Judges:

Marlowe Granados & Fariha Roisin



★ 1st place (Fiction): $777, Metatron publishing contract ★

★ 1st place (Poetry): $777, Metatron publishing contract ★

★ 12 finalists (6 Fiction, 6 Poetry): Featured in a Metatron Prize special feature in 2022 ★



Fariha Róisín

Fariha Róisín is an Australian-Canadian writer, editor and multi-disciplinary artist. She is the author of How To Cure A Ghost (Abrams, 2019), Being In Your Body (Abrams, 2019) and Like A Bird (Unnamed Press, 2020). Her first work of non-fiction is forthcoming and entitled Who Is Wellness For? On Radical Wellness (HarperWave, Spring 2022).


She is the founder of Studio Ānanda, a space of cultivation and an archive for radical, anti-colonial wellness. She writes a weekly newsletter here and is also the Deputy Editor of Violet Book.


Studio Anandā



Marlowe Granados

Marlowe Granados is a writer and filmmaker. She co-hosts The Mean Reds, a podcast dedicated to women-led films, and her advice column, "Designs for Living," appears in The Baffler. After spending time in New York and London, Granados currently resides in Toronto.


Her debut novel Happy Hour is a savagely flirty romp through New York City during the sweltering summer of 2013, a How to Marry a Millionaire for the ages. Happy Hour is published in Canada by Flying Books, and forthcoming from Verso Books in September 2021. Happy Hour was shortlisted for the 2021 Amazon Canada First Novel Award. 


The Mean Reds (Podcast)
Designs for Living (Column)




Submissions Now Open!


Get your manuscripts ready! The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors is officially back after a hiatus, and we are open for submissions!

This year our guest judges are two of our favourite contemporary writers: Marlowe Granados and Fariha Róisín! These two powerhouse women have carved out inspiring space for themselves in the literary world. They push and artistically play at the edges of literary tradition and do it on their own terms, and we love that about them!

This year we have decided to create two distinct categories for Poetry and Fiction. The two winning manuscripts of this year’s Metatron Prize (1 Poetry, 1 Fiction) will each be awarded $777, a contract to be published with Metatron in 2022, and book blurbs from our guest judges. All twelve (6 Poetry, 6 Fiction) longlisted pieces will be considered for publication, be featured and profiled in a special Metatron Prize feature on our website, and receive author promotion on our social media platforms.

The Metatron Prize provides emerging writers with an opportunity to have their work broadcast to an amazingly supportive, diverse, far-reaching, book-loving community. We love The Metatron Prize because it allows us and our community the opportunity to discover new writers, and we are so happy and excited to be bringing you this new edition.

The Metatron Prize was founded in 2015 as a means to discover and support more rising writers, and has contributed to four fantastic debut collections: ʔbédayine by Kaitlyn Purcell (shortlisted for an Indigenous Voices Award), number one earth by jasper avery, Soft Focus by Sarah Jean Grimm and Pony Castle by Sofia Banzhaf. We have also published a vast array of titles that we have discovered and fallen in love with during the reading for the Prize.




★ Submissions open from August 1st 2021 to October 1st 2021. Submissions will close at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
★ The Metatron Prize is open to applicants any and everywhere in the world.
★ Submission fee: $25.
If you are BIPOC or LGBTQ2S+ and can’t afford the submission fee, please email us. No explanations needed. We have set aside a number of free submissions.
★ Length: Your manuscript should be long enough to become a full-length printed book, a minimum of about 40 typed pages. There is no maximum page length, but keep in mind our books typically range from 48-150 pages. If you are not certain whether or not your book is a good fit for our press, we recommend you purchase some of our ebooks and/or printed books to get an understanding of the type of work we tend to publish.
★ Formatting: Please format your submission in any way you see fit (font, spacing). We suggest putting poems on individual pages, but really are not picky about formatting. Have fun with it!
★ Poetry: We accept all forms of poetry, including mixed-genre works.
★ Fiction: We accept all forms of fiction, including auto-fiction.

★ Eligibility: Please note that 'Rising Authors' is meant to encourage applicants to submit who are at the beginning stages of their writing careers, regardless of age. We recommend that applicants submit if:
     ★ You have no books/chapbooks published
     ★ You have a couple chapbooks published
     ★ You have a book published with a small, independent publisher
     ★ In short, if you identify as 'Rising', then please submit!
★ You may submit a previously self-published work as long as it doesn’t have an ISBN affiliated with it.
★ If you have submitted a manuscript to our open reading period (formerly or present) that was rejected or is still under consideration, you may resubmit to The Metatron Prize. We will have new editors involved with the reading of manuscripts, so your work will be read as a new submission.




★ Submit your manuscript and pay the submissions fee via our Submittable.