Metatron Prize

for Rising Authors





Aeon Ginsberg







Aeon Ginsberg (they/them) is a transfeminine writer and performer from Baltimore, MD. They are the author of two chapbooks, Until The Cows Come Home (Elation Press, 2016), and Loathe/Love/Lathe (Nostrovia! Press, 2017). Aeon is a Taurus, a barista, a bartender, and a bitch.





Who are you and what’s your zodiac sign?
Aeon Ginsberg (they/them/theirs) and I am a Taurus sun, Pisces moon, and Aries rising.


What is Greyhound about?
Greyhound is a long form poetic project/memoir-in-verse exploring the intersections of transit (movement) and transition (gender identity/perception/performance) through bus lines, trains, and airplanes; namely though, Greyhound buses. The pieces are titleless because they are all, as a whole, the Greyhound poem I was trying to write.


Could you tell us a bit about the process of writing Greyhound?
I started contemplating writing Greyhound in 2015 when I began realizing my own identity, how I viewed it and the way I performed it, began to meld with various long-distance trips. The previous year I travelled across the continental US for the first time alone and again in 2015 I made the trip to the other coast. I started working on the pieces in an actual way in late 2016 after a three-week performance tour including a 30-hour bus from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis. I kept noticing a link between movement and gender and how the ways I carried my body and the ways my friends and comrades carried themselves would dictate the perception of our identities. After making that connection the rest flowed like a river from me.


What are some books you’ve read and enjoyed lately?
I’ve been working through the pamphlets in Anne Carson’s Float (Knopf) and The Invisible Committee’s Now (MIT Press) lately, but the last few books I’ve finished that I adored were MTN’s DARK DARK MOUTH (Big Lucks) and Davey Davis’ Earthquake Room (Tigerbee Press). I’m always reading a few books at a time, but both of those I couldn’t pick up the books I had been reading in tandem given how riveting they were. At the risk of sounding crass, those two books fuck. 


Anything else?

Live laugh love. ACAB. Abolish all prisons, states, countries, land-ownership. Clear eyes, open heart, can’t lose. I’m just so happy to be here.






from Greyhound



          Money  moves  through  the  body
          of  people and  all  there  is for me
          to grasp is myself. I am grateful to
          have    the    means    to    become
          myself,    grateful    to    have    the
          ability  to  move  forward, to  open
          up. The body of genders is one of
          expenses, why do you  think there
          are  so  many  anti-capitalist  trans
          persons?   My  body,   my   gender,
          my  movement, is  against borders,
          against     prisons,     against      it’s
          accomplices:     money,        power,
          civility.  I’m  told not to  get  off  of
          the     train     or     bus      between
          Hamburg   and   Berlin,    that    it’s
          white  supremacist  territory,    but
          also that it is beautiful.



There is nothing beautiful about territory run by white supremacy.
There is nothing beautiful about having to closet yourself 
to survive a stint of transit. There is beauty in surviving, 
but it is a type of beauty that is fleeting and fixed. 



Once I entered a room feminine and felt wonderful,
before I entered a room hunted and felt prey, but 
got to be prey because I was pretty so I should feel lucky



Once I had a job that let me be who I am,
and then the job showed me if I were to be assaulted
I would be at fault for bringing that onto myself.



How lucky I would have to be to attract death.



Yet, that’s all we do as trans persons, 
move from fixed point of safety to fixed point
until our ability to reach is diminished by something
someone would call             luck. 



          The movement that runs
          tandem                       with
          containment                  is
          movement that will never
          allow me to be trans. The
          lawless  state   of   transit
          has   been    both    haven
          and          prison          The
          movement     from    fixed
          point   of   safety  doesn’t
          run     on     asphalt,    but
          through  time.  This  fixed
          point   of   clarity  will   be
          met    with    an    abstract
          point of confusion.



I want to be on a bus or a train that takes me
to a fixed point rooted in persons. 
I want to find the place 
where the body of genders
becomes itself an abstract 
point of clarity, 
          take me there Greyhound
          take me there Amtrak
take me there roads.