Ghost in the Club

Greg Zorko

 I go to the club
and coat check my entire body


Ghost in the Club is a book of poems based on an unreleased number one hit song. It has over 500 million views on YouTube. It makes you blueberry pancakes in the morning when you’re hungover. It wilts on the floor like a weirdo flower. Using understatement, uncanny non-sequiturs, and a sharp sense of humour, these poems amplify the minute details that make up everyday life and quietly celebrate their overlooked charm.


Greg Zorko was born in 1990 in upstate New York. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. He is the author of Ghost in the Club (Metatron Press, 2016) and Chirp (Ursus Americanus Press, 2018).

84 pages
Cover art | Teo Zamudio
ISBN | 978-0-9939464-8-6
​​​​​​​Spring 2016



“Greg Zorko’s poems are like little .zip files of emotion: efficiently compressed, quickly unpacked, and sometimes dangerous in their infectious construction. He excels at exploring those tough-to-define emotions sneaking around behind the backs of the big ones. He’s also funny as hell; Ghost in the Club is like a joke book for people who are sick of joking around.”

- August Smith, author of By Which Texture Do We Find Truth



“Reading Ghost in the Club felt like jealously reading through the iMessage log of two people who love each other a lot, eavesdropping on their opinions on fried cheese curds, nephews’ birthday parties, Chicago Bulls leggings, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Pokémon Blue. These poems made me want to sneak up on a person from very far away, possibly hundreds or even thousands of miles, and whisper into their ear: ‘T-Pain’.”

- Crispin Best, Faber New Poets 14








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