Ali Pinkney



Of all of the things on which
I would like to pee one day
Sponge Toffee,
are Number One.



An ending is calculated. Interlocutors seek existential counsel from other-worldly spirits by way of a Ouija board’s heart-shaped planchette. A collection of disembodied elegies, Tampion explores the psychological anatomies of the 21st Century damsel as gun.


From Metatron's first catalogue of 6 titles in 2014, Ali Pinkney's Tampion is now available as an e-book. This book is wrought with emotion and sentiment and is ominous, unique and captivating.


Tampion is Ali Pinkney’s first collection of poetry. She lives in Montréal.


"The dictionary defines Tampion as the stopper for a gun. And although the frenetic style of Ali Pinkney’s chapbook shouldn’t be restrained, the title does serve as a safety catch to contain her poems. Death and how to eclipse it, is a game Pinkney plays. In “Hier soir,” when Baby asks the poetic speaker, “People don’t die, right?” she is assured “No” (54). [...] Further the Ouija game of spelling words out, focuses attention on writing as a craft. And in turn, this self-referentiality adds vitality to the poems. Writing becomes creation. Creation is life. You should see Pinkney on stage, she resuscitates words through performance."

- Klara du Plessis, author of Ekke




64 pages











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